About the Artist

John Domont CV


John J Domont is an artist whose work portrays the consistency of Life’s beauty, harmony and balance. He paints, photographs and writes poetry. John J Domont has a prolific and varied career. His hundreds of painting include landscapes, figurative, still-life and abstract paintings. Not all of the works or even bodies of work from his career can be fully represented here.

Mr. Domont is known for his series of Begging Bowl images: paintings that express the spirituality of human existence. In 1987, John studied with a philosophical teacher who quoted an ancient Taoist script that read, “Come to Life with a bowl, an empty bowl, a beggars bowl.” The begging bowl is, for him, an artistic metaphor for receptivity, acceptance and humility. Since that time, he has painted the begging bowls that come to him in dreams, meditation, or reverie.

His figurative works are seen in the Journey Series; a poetic response to the path of learning and becoming. Mr. Domont’s work honors the harmony of the seen and the unseen, fusing beauty with content. In the Journey Series, he speaks of confronting the unknown. He believes we must enter the interior human wilderness in order to come to terms with our hopes, dreams, frailty and ultimately our place in the universe.

Mr. Domont is also known for his Syncophony series of paintings that are inspired by the nature of nature. Life is a manifestation of essence into matter and consciousness. Absolution is cleansing by water. Cacophony is a plethora of sounds. Syncophony is a made-up word to express the harmony and intelligence of the apparent chaos and randomness of life; to breathe and stand naked with ourselves and the universal soul is the rhythm and task of this time of year.