About the Artist

John Domont CV

John J Domont is an artist whose work portrays the constancy of Life’s beauty, harmony and balance. He paints, photographs and writes poetry.

Mr. Domont has had a varied and prolific career. Not all of the works, or even bodies of work, from his career can be fully represented here. His hundreds of paintings include landscapes as well as figurative, still life and abstract paintings.

Mr. Domont’s work honors the harmony of the seen and the sensed, fusing beauty with content. In his Journey series — a poetic response to the path of learning and becoming — he speaks of being receptive to the unknown. He believes we must enter the interior human wilderness in order to come to terms with our hopes, dreams, frailties and, ultimately, our place in the universe.

In his Begging Bowl series, Mr. Domont expresses the union of the formative and the formed that shapes human existence. In 1987 John studied with a scholar who quoted an ancient Taoist text that reads, “Come to Life with a bowl, an empty bowl, a beggar’s bowl.” Since that time, he has painted the begging bowls that come to him in dreams, meditation or reverie.

The “nature” of nature is the inspiration for Mr. Domont’s Syncophony series. Syncophony is a made-up word combining symphony and cacophony and expresses the harmony and intelligence present in the apparent randomness and chaos of Life. Life is a manifestation of essence into matter and consciousness. To breathe and stand naked with ourselves and the universal soul is the rhythm and task of time.

A natural and avid photographer since boyhood, for the past 50 years Mr. Domont has photographed his geographic wanderings with the special expression of water being his focus for the last 35 years. As with all of his work, Mr. Domont’s photographs attempt to provide a window to the ever-present beauty of Life.