China: Month 1

It has been years since writing here.

Writing belongs to the road as much as the correct shoes, the ones you can count on day after day.

The shoes that fit, can take the beating and be there again the next day, sometimes with a day to breathe in between.

Writing on the road is like that, walking,seeing,feeling, not making sense of the forests,fields and cities.  Writing helps you stand in yourself when all of the images and thoughts and memories and wants and needs and feelings fade and rise and rebirth and push you on to hope and now and then an understanding

Understanding is way over rated.  In "Jules and Jim", Jeanne Moreau says, "I don't want to understand" and again in "The Fire Within" she says,"I don't want to be understood".  Well, anyway this is a place for musing...

What is impressive about many Asian cultures is their love and deep nourishment of their children.  I finished my last blog years ago in India with the photo of the loving couple on a motorcycle, this photo seems like the place to restart.  This father and son in a walk-in waterfall in a park in Hong Kong.  I saw small groups of young children taking the subways together there.  It is a safe society, such a relaxing joy to be a part of.  America, we have been tripped up and sabotaged.  It is truly sad to have to deal with fear and violence in our daily lives.