Syncophony Haiku_10


My life has been a treasure hunt of artistic expression fueled by my emotional and spiritual searchings. My Father said to me, “Face reality.” I took that guidance to heart. I’ve spent my years studying, experimenting, and learning the ways of "Way."

Experience has shown me that Life is a magnificent unfolding mystery of awe. Each moment is the unknown road arriving, never to be controlled or commanded.

Seeing, hearing, and feeling the amazing beauty of this world has been my luck and love. My works are meant to be a reflection of the unity of the known and the unknown; the seen, the heard, the felt, the intuited, and the sensed.

There are some experiences, whether they be internal or external that reveal themselves as paintings, others are fluid and of the moment and thus are potential photographs, and still others demand the synthesis of writing a poem.

Reality is the experience and amalgamation of the outer and the inner; the personal and the universal. My reality is this living moment. Life's voyage then becomes lessons in balance. I do my best to give honor to "Reality.”